As an immigrant herself, Heewon understands the needs her immigration law clients. That is why her goal is to provide personalized services that addresses the unique challenge that each client faces in his or her immigration law matters. Further, Heewon’s extensive litigation experience at federal court enables her to represent and defend clients when their cases require court’s intervention.

Our range of service includes: non-immigration and immigration visas, including but not limited to F1, H-1B, and L-1 visas ; all family and employment based immigration cases (green card);  waivers for crimes, fraud, or unlawful presence; naturalization applications; and deportation defense.

A knowledgeable immigration attorney is invaluable in navigating your immigration matters because immigration proceedings are often complex and the immigration law changes relatively frequently. Contact us at O’Connor | O’Connor, P.C. so that we can help you throughout your immigration process.

“Kevin O’Connor and his team are as intelligent and savvy as they come. They have a thorough understanding of all sides of employment law and are outstanding to work with. This is who you want on your side – not arrogant or pretentious – just freakishly good at what they do!”

Leah Hoppes